Who are we?

Robert and Ute de Groot. Robert born in Rheden (NL), Ute born in Cologne (D). For almost 40 years we have been camping at Lake Garda. In 2011 we met at the campsite on Lake Garda and we have been married since 2014. To continue this love story, we decided to move from Switzerland to Lake Garda in 2018. Now we do not have to prepare our suitcases and our car anymore.

What we have noticed in recent years, is that it seemed that our car was too small for all the things we want to take to the campsite. Every year we packed more and more, we always wanted more luxury: Fridge, mattresses, coffee maker, table and chairs, deck chairs, strollers, bicycles, radio TV, etc.
With a small car it is impossible to transport all of this, but now we have found the solution for everyone who wants more. Rental of camping items especially for you. We deliver on arrival and pick up again as soon as the holiday is over. This way you can benefit from the space and freedom in your car. And who knows … Maybe even a love story starts on Lake Garda for you.

We wish you a nice holiday. Kind regards from Robert and Ute de Groot.

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