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Air Conditioner Comfee Sognidoro: Dreams are really golden!

The name of this Comfee portable air conditioner is certainly particular, since the term Sognidoro cannot help but make us think of the sweet and well-deserved rest after a long day spent between work and a thousand other family/personal commitments. Rest is fundamental to recharge your energy, but it’s a pity that in summer the rest becomes, let’s say, stormy because of the great heat. Resting properly in a hot room is not “simple”, that’s why the portable air conditioner is needed. It’s just that the portable monobloc models are louder than the fixed ones precisely because there is no external unit. Luckily not all of them are too noisy, however, the Comfee Sognidoro 09e is more “tactile” in this respect. With a noise that is certainly audible, but if you are not so “sensitive to noise” it will not bother you and you can also use the air conditioning in the bedroom.

Other features include a sleep function that turns off the portable air conditioner after a certain amount of time (so it doesn’t stay on all night). Not only for the night, thanks to the timer you can program the time interval in which it must remain on during the day. Adjustable timer up to 24 hours.
The power of 9000 btu allows you to use it for rooms up to 25/30 sqm. And if one day you change your mind and maybe you want to move the air conditioner in the bedroom to the living room, such a move will not be “traumatic”, i.e. no effort thanks to the multidirectional wheels.



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