Terms of use on the website www.gardacampingservice.it

Each request made is subject to explicit acceptance by:

Robert de Groot
Via Mantovana, 65
37014 Castelnuovo del Garda (VR)
Tel: +39 388 3476977 – Mail: info@gardacampingservice.it
(From here abbreviated with Garda Camping Service)

Garda Camping Service invites users to read the following Terms and Conditions of Use that govern the booking of products and its management on the site.

Conclusion of contract and delivery of products:

Any booking on gardacampingservice.it implies the conclusion of a sales contract in Italian, German, English or Dutch between the buyer and Garda Camping Service.

By clicking on the “Book Now” button, the customer makes a binding reservation for the articles in the virtual shopping cart. Once the order has been shipped, Garda Camping Service will send the customer an e-mail confirming the reservation. The purchase contract is concluded between Garda Camping Service and the customer when it receives the order confirmation which will be sent to the e-mail mentioned in the order.

The orders with regard to what the customer has chosen and the payment of the deposit will be sent as soon as Garda Camping Service receives the total payment of the price of the down payment. That is why the customer is asked to pay the deposit once the order confirmation has been received and in any case within the next 7 days.

If the products ordered are not available, the customer is immediately informed. In this case, Garda Camping Service is not obliged to deliver the ordered goods. Photos may be different from the original.

If the goods or part of them are not in stock, the estimated times and the possibility of delivery of products that are not immediately available are communicated, so you can choose between canceling the complete order / modification of the order with return the amount that is paid for the missing or deferred goods until the arrival of the missing products.

Garda Camping Service takes no responsibility for the need to find and retrieve non-available products from other sources. Garda Camping Service is only needed to deliver what is in stock. If the delivery time is expressed in working days, such as all days that are included between Monday and Sunday, the delivery days are not excluded.

Acceptance of the general sales conditions:

The contract between the customer and Garda Camping Service must be considered as concluded with the acceptance of the order by Garda Camping Service. This acceptance is considered tacitly unless otherwise communicated. By placing an order in various ways, you declare as a customer that you have read all the information you received during the purchase process and that you agree with the general conditions and the payment described below.

If you are a customer / consumer (a physical person who buys the goods for purposes unrelated to their professional activities), then after the online purchase procedure is completed, you can print or save an electronic copy or these general terms and conditions of sale otherwise preserve. In accordance with the provisions of Decree-Law No. 206/2005 concerning distance selling.

Any right of the customer to compensation is excluded, as are any contractual or extra-contractual liability for direct or indirect damage to persons and / or property, caused by not accepting or even avoiding an order.

Prices, zones and shipping costs:

The customer must pay the price of the deposit that is published on the product page when the order is shipped. The indicated price includes VAT. The remainder of the payment is made upon delivery of the products on the spot.

There is no minimum amount to place an order at www.gardacampingservice.it.

Garda Camping Service sends its articles exclusively in the following areas and with the following costs:

Desenzano – Garda € 25.00
Garda – Malcesine, Desenzano – San Felice € 45.00
San Felice – Toscolano Maderno € 60.00
Malcesine – Riva € 70.00
Toscolano Maderno – Riva € 95.00


Garda Camping Service accepts various payment methods including, for indicative purposes: Bank transfer, credit card via PayPal or Paypal account, can be settled locally by means of a ATM terminal (Meastro). Garda Camping Service reserves the right to refuse certain payment methods and to request different payment methods for certain orders. Please note that Garda Camping Service only accepts payments from bank accounts within the European Union (EU) and that the customer is responsible for any costs related to the transaction. The buyer accepts to receive invoices and credits exclusively in electronic format.


Garda Camping Service reserves the right to charge cancellation costs. For cancellations up to 4 weeks before delivery, you are free to cancel. If you cancel up to 3 weeks before delivery, we will charge you 25% of the total order. If you cancel up to 2 weeks before delivery, we will charge you 50% of the total order. In case of cancellation up to 1 week before delivery, we are obliged to charge the full amount of the order.


Damage to the products delivered by Garda Camping Service, please report directly to: info@gardacampingservice.it or by phone +39 388 347 6977. Damage to the products delivered by Garda Camping Service will be recovered from the deposit. These costs depend on the severity of the damage. In the event of loss or willful damage to items, we will have to charge the full costs for replacing these items. These depend on the value of the item. In case of repairable / recoverable / replaceable damage, we will charge the repair / repair costs / replacement costs. We can deduct these costs from the deposit / down payment paid in advance.

General sales-agreements:

These general terms and conditions apply to the rental of products and services at a distance, via the Internet carried out on the site www.gardacampingservice.it, Robert de Groot – Via Mantovana, 65, 37014 Castelnuovo del Garda (VR). The rentals on our site are subject to the discipline of the Legislative Decree n. 185 of 22/05/1999, dictated in distance contracts in cases where the delivery of goods takes place in the delivery of the buyer, as such purchases from outside the premises are closed.